September 2014 Gold Country Bonsai Club Newsletter.

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The Official Newsletter of the Gold Country Bonsai Club

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 From the Bench of the President

Greetings to all Gold Country Members and Friends.  I would like to thank all the members who came to our annual club picnic.  We all supplied some very good eats and had a great time chatting with each other.  Kudos to David Holm, husband of our Treasurer, Sue Holm, for winning the “Power of One” full registration to the 2014 GSBF Convention.

At the opening of our meeting this month I would like to talk with you about putting on a Club show in June 2015.  This will be a great forum to further our bonsai education, attract new members, and for each one of us to begin to bring a tree to show quality.  Your participation is essential for the show to be a success.

September is here and we can begin to work on some other types of trees.  We can begin working on high mountain Pines, these being Lodge Pole, Japanese White Pine, Ponderosa Pine and White Pine to name a few.  They can be wired, pruned, and old needles can be removed.  We should also begin fertilizing the High Mountain Pines, this is important because the food we give them will determine how well the tree grows in the spring.

Fall is a good time to perform side grafting on Junipers and Pines if night time temperatures do not fall below freezing consistently during the winter months.  If this is the case in your micro-climate then hold off until February.

Juniper repotting can be done in either September or October if your winter temperature is mild.  If your winter temps are harsh, hold off until February, same as grafting.

Our September Meeting will be held at Burke Junction, beginning at 6:30 p.m. (new time) and in a new room, B5, which is located across the open space and to the right of our old meeting room.  The Gold Country Bonsai Club sign will be out to point the way.

See you all on the 25th.

Tips & Techniques

Tips and Techniques by Scott Chadd

Now is a good time to begin feeding gently with 0-10-10 (phosphorus and potassium) to strengthen root and lower trunk to provide for a good start next spring. Keep an eye out for woolly aphids, spider mites, scale and spittle bugs. They are all active at this time of year. If you find them try physical systems first (spray with hose, scrape off with hands or toothbrush, use a damp cloth) and then follow up with oil. Don’t put oil on any plant that will get the sun that day. Apply in the evening and avoid the leaves because the oil will burn them.

Check the wires you applied in Spring and Summer (after defoliation). Your trees are actually beginning to put on a spurt of growth and the wires will bite really fast. Check the speed of drainage in your pots. Any bonsai that have slowly draining pots need to be repotted. Mark them with something you can find really easy so when the leaves are gone you can begin repotting without have to search around your collection.

Gold Country Officers and Board Members


President – Paul Vandlik –                                    Vice President – Linda Gartner –                    Secretary – Bolet Salvador –                    Treasurer – Sue Holm –

Board Members

Don Van Dyke –                                             Paul Holtzen –                                                        Scott Chadd –                                                  Pat Flynn –

Heard From The Bonsai Stand by Bolet Salvador

Hear ye, hear ye!!!

September 27-28, 2014, Penryn. Sierra Bonsai Club Show and Buddhist Church Festival Placer Buddhist Church 3192 Boyington Road, Penryn, Annual Teriyaki Festival & Bazaar. Saturday 11 to 5, Sunday 11 to 4. Open to the public. This is a very popular community event and a well-attended chicken teriyaki barbecue festival, serving 5,000 chickens during the weekend. Our Scott Chadd will be doing afternoon demonstrations both days. A must-go-to event.           Contact Mark Knittle at 530-401-2610 for more information.

October 4, 2014, San Jose Midori Bonsai Club 53rd Annual Show Northside Community Center, 488 6th Street Hours are 10 AM to 5 PM with demonstration at 1 PM by Juan Cruz (tree will be raffled off). Beginner’s workshop from 10 AM to 1 PM.  Advice from Dr. Bonsai for trees brought in. Large plant sale by club members along with many vendors with bonsai supplies and trees. Free admission and parking.                                                                                                                       For more information contact John Thompson at

October 11 – 12, 2014, Oakland The East Bay Bonsai Society 53rd Annual Fall Show held at the Garden Center at Lake Merritt, 666 Bellevue Ave.  Hours are Saturday 10AM – 5PM and Sunday 11AM – 4PM.  Matt Reel will be conducting a demonstration on Sunday afternoon.  Trees, pots and accessories for sale.  All events free to general public.                                                                                                                         For more information, visit

October 18 -19, 2014Union City Yamato Bonsai Kai 43rd Annual Bonsai Exhibition Southern Alameda County Buddhist Church, 32975 Alvarado-Niles Road. Hours: Noon to 6PM Saturday and 10AM – 5PM Sunday.  Demonstration each day at 2PM by Johnny Uchida, working with advanced Black Pine material to create bonsai.  Don’t miss this special event.  Benefit raffle drawing each day after the demo; raffle includes demo tree.  Large vendor and plant sales area; free admission and parking.  Doctor Bonsai support will be available.                                                                                                                             For more information call Tony Hayworth at 510-289-5731 or or visit our club website:

October 30 to November 2, 2014, Sacramento 37th Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention “Bonsai Visions of the West” Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 2001 Point West Way Sacramento, CA 95815 Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Seminars and workshops all four days. Headliners are Peter Tea, Kathy Shaner and David de Groot. Special tribute to John Naka. Big vendor area.                                   More information at:

Note:  Addition events are listed under “Events” on the website header.  Click on it to open it up and take a look.

2014 Meeting Calendar and Agenda

 *September – Bring your own tree, fall preparation. Last hands-on meeting of the year!!!                                                                                         October – No meeting; GSBF Convention set up                                     November –No Meeting in celebration of Thanksgiving                 December – Annual Winter party

*Please note that as of September, club meetings will still be held in the Burke Junction Shopping Center. Only the room number has changed to B5. Our sandwich sign will be out to direct you. The start time has also changed to 6:30 p.m.

Pictures for the Club Picnic

IMG_0734                                                     Ellen giving a horticultural lesson to Don, Paul and Andy.

IMG_0732                                               Jennifer laughing at Scott’s jokes.

IMG_0731                                                Paul H., bonsai touchdown?

IMG_0730                                                   Don and Greg inspection a redwood.

IMG_0729                                                Paul H., focused on the camera

IMG_0727                                                 Happy Bolet, as usual

IMG_0726                                                  Pat, Greg, Don T., and Paul V., talking bonsai

IMG_0725                                              Happy Paul H., a cold one in hand after a hot day

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