Tips for Digging Yamadori Trees by Bolet Salvador

Before You Go Digging

1. Prepare your pots and location before you dig. This way, you are ready when you come home from the dig.

2. Use a plastic or tin tub, wooden box, plastic pot, etc., that is big enough for your tree.

3. Use only pumice; no organic material or soil. Make sure your pumice is clean and free of dust.

4. Find a place where your tree will be in a shaded area protected from sunburn and wind.

5. Make sure you bring Anti-Stress or Cloud Cover and spray bottles, and buckets of water. You will need to spray the trees after digging to prevent loss of moisture until they are potted.

Planting Your Collected Trees

1. Cut back the top foliage to about equal the amount of roots you cut when you dug up the tree.

2. Clip roots cleanly and use cut paste especially on big cuts. Seal the large branch cuts, as well.

3. After putting the tree in your container, make sure you wash the potting material (pumice) thoroughly making sure all the dust is washed off.

4. Tie down the tree to prevent it from moving. You can also use wooden stakes and screens.

5. Pour B-1 water on your newly planted trees. Treat them with SUPERthrive once or twice each week.

6. Water daily. Misting your trees at night also helps.

7. Do not feed until new foliage appears. This can occur between April and July.

Once your tree is growing strongly, you can feed with half strength Miracle-Gro every 2-3 weeks.

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