October 2012 Tips & Techniques by Scott Chadd

Things have been very busy here at Lotus Bonsai. We took a group of 12 persons to the Eastern Sierra’s east of Bishop and then up to Mammoth Mountain. This trip was at the same time as our last club meeting. We are also working on places to go for Sierra Junipers and will keep you posted on our progress. Going to the high desert and great mountains of the west is always very cool.

In addition Greg, Paul Holtzen and I are the main persons running the 2012 GSBF annual convention in Sacramento at the Double Tree Hotel, October 25-28. Hope a bunch of our club members can attend to join in the festivities, check out the exhibits and look over the Vendors area for the best prices.

Here at Lotus we grow a lot of different Japanese Maples and this time of year they are usually turning gold,  orange, red, and pink. This year the leaves are turning brown and falling off the trees. I think it must be the great fluctuations in temperature we had back in February, March, and April. My diary shows that we had temperature differences of up to 40 degrees over 4 days. From hot to cold then back to hot again. No won- der our trees are confused. A couple of exceptions to the leaf deal are the Amur Maples and Sweet Gums which are putting on a pretty good show.

You can use Liquinox 0-10-10 on you trees now to get the roots prepped for winter. Usually 2 tablespoons in a gallon of water applied every 2 weeks until the end of November. Lots of Yellow Jackets this year but not many other bugs. The aphids showed up in mid June but never really got a foothold. There was also quite a bit of powdery mildew this year. You can control powdery mildew by spraying your trees 3x with a dormant oil this winter when they are asleep.

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