January 2014 Tips & Techniques by Scott Chadd

Now is a good time to be repotting trees. During this time of dormancy the fluids inside the tree are still so trimming of roots and branches can occur with little lasting damage. Because the weather has been so warm and dry many of our trees our beginning to bud out. Ume are busy making flowers and Amur Maples are going strong. Many of our trees are fully convinced that we are in the middle of April.

So…………….if you wait until February or March it may not be possible to repot this year due to the growth patterns that are occurring.

Last year we had a similar weather pattern and many of our Japanese Maples really suffered. Just like this year they began to break buds in January then froze in February and March. Making the second batch of leaves quite weak and the Fall color very pale.

Good luck.

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