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Welcome to the Gold Country Bonsai Club Website.

This website is dedicated to the advancement of its members in learning the art of bonsai through the continuous improvement of bonsai trees and the skills of it’s members.

Feel free to take a tour of the website, with the understanding that this website is still a work in progress.   Across the top of the page you will find 6 headers:  HOME, MISSION STATEMENT, MONTHLY MEETING, EVENTS, GALLERY and OFFICERS.  These will introduce you to and give you information about the Gold Country Bonsai Club.

On the left hand side of the webpage you will find: Newsletters, Peter Tea’s Monthly Write-Ups and Tips and Techniques by Scott Chadd.

Selecting “Newsletters” will take you to the latest Club newsletter.  You will also find earlier newsletters as you scroll down the post.

Selecting “Tips and Techniques by Scott Chadd” will take you to articles Scott has written for the Clubs newsletters.  They also cover the monthly care and maintenance of bonsai but more specific to the micro-climate in the foothills area.

Selecting “Peter Tea’s Monthly Write-Ups” will take you to articles written by Peter and posted here with his permission.  There are Write-Ups for each month in 2014.  These were written for his study group  students and covers the care and maintenance of bonsai on a monthly basis.

Further below you will find “Bonsai Related Blogs”.  These blogs are from some of the best bonsai artist around the world and worth a look and read.

Finally, we need your feedback to continually improve this website. Please take the time to fill in the comment form and let us know your thoughts.  Thanks in advance for your comments.


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